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05/06/2015 - Twitter Feed Live

Hackermind joins the modern age! Yes, it's true, we have our own hashtag tweettwit thingymajobber. @hckrmnd -- follow now!

24/05/15 - Introducing Line Noise

Line Noise, the show where you're bound to hear just about anything, is now live! Grab a copy here.

23/05/15 - Freq32 Call For Papers!

Frequency: Inside the Hacker Mind issue 32 is on its way after a 13 year wait! (Hey, what can we say, we take after Phrack!) Submit your articles to articles at hackermind dot net now! Topics can include all things hacker-related, including but not limited to: programming, exploits, phone phreaking, politics...anything and everything about which you might have a strong opinion. How-to and technical articles are always welcome, but Frequency's main goal has always been expressing the viewpoints and thoughts of those in the hacker world. If you want to let the world know what's on your mind, send in those articles!